Automated Email and SMS Marketing Campaign Strategies with UnderPressure

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What is Automated Marketing by SMS or Email?

In email marketing, this includes automatically sending personalized emails based on specific user actions, such as subscribing to a newsletter, abandoning a shopping cart or important dates like holidays/birthdays. Emails may contain varied information, videos, promotions, reminders or educational content, tailored to the interests and behavior of each recipient.
With SMS/Text marketing, the strategy is similar, but uses short text messages sent directly to users' mobile phones. SMS/text is particularly effective for immediate notifications, time-limited offers or order and delivery confirmations, taking advantage of the high open rates of text messages.
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Marketing Automation Strategy at UnderPressure

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Analysis and Segmentation of Marketing Campaigns

The success of an automated marketing campaign at UnderPressure relies on a detailed understanding of customer journeys. We deploy automation tools to accurately segment the market, enabling tailor-made marketing campaigns to be designed. This marketing personalization significantly increases engagement and loyalty, particularly in email and SMS marketing.

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Design and Implementation of Automated Marketing Campaigns

Drawing on our analytics, we develop automated marketing campaigns using sophisticated software. These campaigns are finely tuned to meet the various needs of identified segments and incorporate specific triggers for effective marketing automation, particularly in the areas of email and SMS marketing.

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Personalization and Dynamic Content of a Marketing Campaign

At the heart of our automated marketing strategy, personalization is key. We use advanced solutions to adapt the content of communications, making each marketing campaign unique and relevant to the recipient, and thus enriching the customer experience through personalized emails and SMS messages.

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Continuous Optimization of Automated Marketing Campaigns

Our approach includes rigorous monitoring and analysis of automated campaigns to ensure continuous improvement. This allows us to refine marketing automation strategies and ensure optimal campaign performance, in line with the evolving goals of your business.

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Continuous Monitoring, Analysis and Adjustment of Email and SMS Marketing Campaigns

Marketing automation is not a “set it and forget it” process. We establish robust tracking and analysis mechanisms specifically for email and SMS campaigns, in order to evaluate their performance in real time. By measuring key metrics such as email open rate, SMS click-through rate, conversions and ROI, we are able to identify areas for improvement and make adjustments on an ongoing basis. This iterative approach ensures that campaigns remain optimal and aligned with your digital strategy and evolving business objectives.

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