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About the UnderPressure Marketing Agency

UnderPressure is a specialist B2B marketing and growth agency, with deep expertise in the renewable energy sector. Our reputation is based on proven experience, an understanding of the unique challenges of the sector, and a track record of tangible success with our clients. Our tailor-made approach and commitment to continual innovation allow us to offer effective and sustainable B2B marketing solutions.
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From Challenges to Solutions - Our Approach

An agency specializing in the renewable energy industry

In our renewable energy-centric approach, we dive into the specifics of your sector – analyzing trends, regulatory challenges, and technological innovations. Our goal is to forge personalized marketing and growth strategies that capitalize on the unique opportunities of clean energy, thereby maximizing your environmental and economic impact.

Our Solutions to Your Challenges

To meet your company's specific renewable energy challenges, our services are designed to transform obstacles into competitive advantages.

Operations and Processes in the Renewable Energy Market

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Process Optimization

We help to improve efficiency and reduce the ecological footprint of your operations.
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Business Strategy

We aid in developing business strategies that leverage renewable energy market trends.
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B2B Growth Strategy

Our goal is to expand your B2B market reach, with strategies tailored to the renewable energy sector.
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Employee Training and Development

Develop appropriate skills and adapt your company culture to the needs of the sustainable energy sector.
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Clean Technology Marketing and Automation

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Maximize the online visibility of your products and services.
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Email, SMS and Marketing Automation

Effectively engage your target audience with relevant, personalized messages.
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Qualified Lead Generation

Reach and convert strategic prospects interested in sustainable solutions.
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Event & Experiential Marketing

Create memorable, tangible experiences that highlight the importance and innovation in the green energy sector.
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Financial Advice for Renewable Energy Organizations

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Business Plans and Pitches

We work to prepare your business for success by identifying and working to secure finance opportunities in the renewable energy space.
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Strategies and Growth in Renewable Energy

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Financing Commercial and Industrial Equipment

Securing access the best financing solutions for your operations and material needs dedicated to clean energy.
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Grants and Financial Support

Leveraging available government and private funding opportunities to support your growth in renewable energy.
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The Renewable Energy Industry: A Growing Sector

The renewable energy industry, a vibrant and growing sector, occupies an increasingly important place in the global economy. At UnderPressure, our passion in this field is fueled by a deep understanding of the innovations and challenges the sector faces. Eco-responsibility is at the heart of our internal value structure, guiding each of our actions and decisions. We are committed to promoting sustainable practices, not only through the services we offer but also in our daily operations. By supporting businesses in this sector, we use our expertise to navigate this ever-changing landscape together with our partners. Join us in our mission for a more sustainable future.
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Financing Opportunities for Renewable Energy Companies

Your renewable energy business in Canada is in a privileged position, thanks to the abundance of government subsidies available promoting innovation and growth. This financial aid constitutes a crucial competitive advantage, paving the way for ambitious projects and sustained expansion. Harnessing these opportunities can transform your business landscape and accelerate your trajectory to growth and success.

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Government Support for Renewable Energy in Canada

The Canadian government offers significant financial support to companies in the renewable energy sector. Through a range of available grant programs and tax incentives, businesses have access to significant resources to develop and promote innovative clean energy initiatives. This government policy encourages investment in renewable energy and promotes sustainable development on a national scale.

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Visibility on The Web

We develop SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, Google Ads on your website, and content adapted to your sector, ensuring maximum visibility to the appropriate target audience. We focus on digital engagement and improving conversions by employing interactive methods such as email marketing, social media strategies and hosting webinars, aiming to effectively engage your audience and to increase conversion rates.

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The Benefits of B2B Marketing

B2B marketing offers a range of essential benefits for businesses in the renewable energy sector. First, it allows precise targeting of key industry players, such as suppliers, potential partners, and government institutions. This focus helps optimize resources and to maximize the effectiveness of each marketing campaign.

Additionally, B2B marketing promotes building lasting relationships with customers and strategic partners. In a constantly evolving sector like renewable energy, trust and collaboration are essential. B2B marketing offers the opportunity to create strong connections and maintain long-term relationships.

Finally, it allows marketing strategies to be personalized according to the specific needs of each client company. Each player in the renewable energy sector has unique challenges and goals. B2B marketing provides the flexibility to design tailor-made campaigns that meet these exact needs.

From Strategy to Execution - The UnderPressure Agency Approach

In summary, our approach goes beyond simple strategic planning. We are your trusted partner for successfully implementing B2B marketing strategies, from planning to execution, analysis and optimization.


Turnkey Service

We are a B2B marketing agency with offerings ranging from strategic planning to concrete campaign implementation. It all starts with defining a solid strategy based on a deep understanding of your business and the renewable energy sector. We analyze market trends and the competitive landscape, as well as opportunities and challenges specific to your industry.


Once the strategy is established in close collaboration with our partners, we move on to the crucial stage of execution. This includes setting up targeted marketing campaigns, optimizing online presence and exposure, and engaging your target audience. We use advanced SEO techniques to ensure maximum visibility, and we implement marketing automation campaigns to attract qualified leads.

The execution stage also includes ongoing data management and analysis. We monitor the performance of each campaign, adjust strategies and our approach as needed, and provide detailed reports in order to keep you informed as to how your results are progressing.
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Are You a Young Company? We Can Help!

If you are a young company in the renewable energy sector, don't worry, our services are also tailored to your needs. Whether you already have a business plan in place or not, we are here to support you. A solid business plan is essential to guiding your growth, and we can help to develop it in close collaboration. Through our team’s expertise, we are able to design a personalized plan that matches your ambitions and helps you succeed in the renewable energy industry. Do not hesitate to contact us to get started today, our team will be happy to speak with you. We are here to help you create and grow your business.

Contact Us to Discover Our Expertise

Ready to explore how UnderPressure can help you succeed in your industry? Contact us and find out how our expertise can make a difference for your business. We’re excited to meet you!

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