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About the UnderPressure Marketing Agency

UnderPressure stands out as an agency dedicated to food and beverage marketing and business-to-business (B2B) growth. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the sector, we fully understand the specific challenges faced by players in the food industry. With a wealth of real world experience and proven successes with our partners, we offer tailor-made strategies to help grow your business to new heights.
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From Analyzing Industry Challenges to Developing Solutions - Our Approach

An Agency Specializing in the Agri-food Sector

At UnderPressure, our mission is to immerse ourselves in the specifics of your industry, closely scrutinizing emerging trends, regulatory challenges and technological innovations. Our goal is to design tailor-made marketing and business development strategies that fully leverage the unique opportunities within the agri-food sector, in order to significantly increase your influence and performance in the market.

In addition to our proven reputation in the agri-food sector, UnderPressure also stands out for its in-depth expertise in organic food marketing. We are committed to promoting the value of sustainable and organic production practices, which are at the heart of this growing sector, while staying true to our commitment to an environmentally friendly approach.

Agri-Food Marketing Solutions to Overcome Your Challenges

We guide organic food and agri-food companies towards maximum operational efficiency.

Operations and Processes in the Agri-Food Market

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Process Optimization

We help to improve efficiency and reduce the ecological footprint of your agri-food practices.
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Business Strategy

We aid in developing business strategies that align with the changing dynamics of the food and beverage market.
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B2B Growth Strategy

Our goal is to expand your B2B market reach, with strategies tailored to the food sector.
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Employee Training and Development

We work with our partners to develop skills and adapt your company culture to the needs of the food industry.
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Agri-Food Marketing and Automation

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Increase digital visibility and attract attention within in the food industry.
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Marketing Communication and Automation

Effectively your target audience with strategic and specific email, SMS and marketing automation strategies designed for the food industry.
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Lead Generation

Target and engage relevant prospects, turning interest into successful partnerships.
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Event & Experiential Marketing

Create memorable, tangible experiences that highlight the importance and innovation in the food industry.
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Financial Advice for the Agri-Food Sector

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Business Plans and Investor Presentations

We work to position your business for success and effectively communicate with potential investors.
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Financing and Growth in the Agri-Food Sector

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Financing of Equipment

Securing access to advantageous financing solutions for your operations and material needs.
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Grants and Financial Support

Leverage government and private funding opportunities that can help to boost your growth.
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Advances in Food Marketing: Creating and Sustaining for Growth in the Food Industry

On a daily basis, our team at UnderPressure draws inspiration from the constant innovation and growth potential offered by the food industry. Our expertise marketing in the sector, combined with in-depth knowledge in digital strategies, ideally positions us to guide our clients toward success.

Our method is based on a sophisticated combination of cutting-edge digital marketing techniques and SEO strategies specially adapted to the nuances of the agri-food and organic food sectors. This strategic partnership approach allows our clients to benefit from increased visibility and optimization of their online presence, ensuring exceptional efficiency and performance.

UnderPressure's commitment to marketing in the agri-food and organic food sectors goes beyond our professional services. Our approach is based on a deep passion for marketing, fueled by a detailed understanding of the issues unique to your sector. We develop each strategy with a personalized focus, with a focus on innovative and ethical solutions that promote sustainable growth.
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Innovative Marketing Finance Strategies

At UnderPressure, we firmly believe that every food and organic business has the potential to thrive and grow. We are here to help you leverage the unique opportunities offered by agri-food/organic food marketing and access advantageous financing that can propel your business to new heights.

Our team of marketing experts is ready to support you in the complex ecosystem of finance opportunities in the food sector. We are committed to ensuring that your projects and services reach their target audience efficiently and effectively, so that your business can thrive in a competitive environment.

At UnderPressure, our dedication to excellence in food marketing is more than just a professional mission. It is a commitment deeply rooted in our understanding of the unique needs and challenges within the industry. We are committed to promoting sustainable and innovative practices, showcasing our clients' services and innovations through tailored, people-centered marketing strategies.

Join us in turning challenges in the food and beverage sector into opportunities through a strategic and targeted marketing approach.

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Government Support for the Agri-Food Industry in Canada

The Canadian government provides significant financial support to companies operating in the agri-food and organic food industry. Through various subsidy programs and tax incentives, players in this field can benefit from considerable resources to help develop and promote industry innovations. These government policies and incentives stimulate investments in new and developing technologies and orinite the progress of the sector at the national level.

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Increase Your Visibility

In the dynamic world of the food industry, being recognized is essential to successfully reaching your target audience. We specialize in creating custom strategies that increase your business's visibility online and strengthen its impact in the market. We understand the unique challenges facing food and beverage businesses and are committed to helping you stand out in this competitive environment.

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The Advantages of B2B Marketing in the Agri-Food and Organic Food Sectors

B2B marketing presents a series of key benefits for companies operating in the food and beverage sector, allowing you to specifically target important industry players, such as suppliers and potential partners. This precise targeting helps optimize resources and increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Additionally, B2B marketing is essential for establishing and maintaining long-lasting relationships with customers and strategic partners. In a rapidly changing industry, building trust and fostering collaboration are paramount. B2B marketing offers the opportunity to forge strong bonds and cultivate long-term relationships.

B2B marketing also allows for customization of strategies based on the specific needs of each of our partners. We understand the unique challenges  and goals companies in this field face, and B2B marketing provides the flexibility to design tailor-made campaigns that meet those needs.

From Strategy to Execution - UnderPressure Agency

Our approach goes beyond simple strategic planning. We are your trusted partner for the successful implementation of B2B marketing strategies, covering everything from planning and execution to analysis and optimization.


Turnkey Service

At UnderPressure, we believe in a comprehensive, tailored approach to meet the unique needs of each business in the food and beverage industry. With our turnkey service, we analyze market trends and study the competitive landscape in order to identify opportunities and challenges specific to your field.

By combining this in-depth understanding with our expertise in food industry marketing, we develop a solid, personalized strategy that will serve as the foundation for your success.


Once the strategy is established, we move on to the execution phase with determination and precision.This involves deploying targeted marketing campaigns, optimizing your online presence and engaging your target audience. Additionally, we implement marketing automation systems to simplify processes and maximize results. Throughout this phase, we remain flexible and responsive, adjusting our strategies based on performance and feedback in order to ensure optimal results for your business.

The execution phase also includes ongoing data management and analysis. We closely monitor the performance of each campaign, adjust strategies as needed, and provide detailed reports to keep you up to date on progress.
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Are You a Startup in the Agri-Food Sector? We Can Help!

If you are launching a startup in the agri-food sector, rest assured that our services are perfectly suited to your requirements. Whether you already have a business plan or are at the start of building your organization, our mission is to support you. A robust business plan is important to guiding your growth in the industry, and our team is ready to assist you in developing it in close collaboration. Drawing on our expertise, we are able to develop a tailor-made strategy that aligns with your objectives and promotes your success and reputation within the food industry.

Don't hesitate to contact us to get started today. Our team looks forward to working in partnership with you and contributing to the development and expansion of your startup. Let's talk about your project today and see how we can help you achieve your ambitions in the food sector. There is always a solution to your challenges.

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