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What Defines a Business Strategy?

An effective business strategy incorporates a plan of action designed to achieve specific business objectives and improve a company's position amongst its competitors. With the proper strategy, this plan defines the direction in which a company should move in order to maximize its competitive advantages and succeed in the market.

Build a Commercial Strategy in 8 Points


Business Objectives

Business strategy begins by defining clear, measurable goals that the company wants to achieve, such as increasing sales, expanding into new markets, improving market share or strengthening brand recognition - just to name a few


Market Analysis

Understanding the environment in which the business operates is crucial. This includes analyzing the market, understanding target customers, identifying competitors, as well as considering economic, political, social, and technological trends that may affect the business


Competitive Advantages

A business strategy identifies and capitalizes on the company's unique competitive advantages, whether they be superior products or services, particular expertise, more efficient production processes, lower costs relative to the market or strong customer relationships


Selecting Target Markets

Determining which market segments the company wants to target is a key decision. This involves choosing customers who are most likely to benefit from, and appreciate, the company's unique offering



The business strategy defines how the company wants to be perceived by its target customers. Positioning involves creating a brand image and value proposition that distinguishes the company from its competitors.


Marketing Plan

Developing an effective marketing plan is an integral part of any effective business strategy. This includes selecting the most appropriate marketing and communications channels to reach the target audience, as well as designing marketing messages that resonate with them


Growth strategies

Business strategy explores different growth avenues, such as new product development, geographic expansion, diversification of offerings, or mergers and acquisitions


Measurement and adjustment

A successful business strategy includes processes and tools for measuring performance and adjusting plans, based on results achieved and changes in the business environment

Our Commercial Strategy Methodology

At UnderPressure, our business strategy methodology is designed to align your business ambitions with concrete actions. Here's how we go about developing and implementing successful business strategies that keep your business at the forefront.

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Diagnostic and Strategic Intelligence

It all starts with a thorough understanding of your current position in the marketplace. Our team carries out a complete diagnosis of your commercial operations, your product and/or service offerings, and the competitive landscape. This strategic intelligence phase is essential in order to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that influence your business strategy. Drawing on market data and trend analysis, we establish the foundation on which an effective strategy can be built.

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Setting Business Vision and Goals

An effective business strategy is anchored by a clear vision, along with well-defined business goals. Together we will clarify where you want to take your business in the coming years and what milestones you plan to achieve. This step is crucial in order to ensure that the business strategies developed are aligned with your company's overall aspirations, and yet are flexible enough to adapt to changing market conditions.

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Developing Business Strategies and Action Plans

With a clear vision and concrete business objectives in place, we move on to developing tailored business strategies and action plans. This involves identifying the most promising market segments, defining unique value propositions and planning targeted marketing campaigns that actively engage your customers. Our commercial strategies are designed to optimize your sales channels, strengthen your market positioning and maximize the return on investment of your commercial initiatives.

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Execution of Business Strategies and Monitoring

Implementation of business strategies is a critical phase where planning meets practice. Our team works closely with yours to deploy action plans, ensuring every aspect of the business strategy is executed with precision. We implement key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor the effectiveness of campaigns and adjust tactics in real time. This continuous monitoring ensures that business strategies remain aligned with business objectives and dynamically respond to market changes.

How UnderPressure Can Strengthen Your Business

Innovative Marketing Strategies for Effective Business Impact

At UnderPressure, we understand that business success is not measured exclusively in numbers and statistics. This is why our approach goes beyond traditional financial indicators to establish the overall value of your organization. Here's how we can strengthen your business at every level.

Operations Optimization

We start by deeply analyzing your operational processes to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks. By applying targeted and optimized strategies, we can increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve the quality of your products and/or services. This optimization leads to superior operational performance, enabling your business to respond more quickly and efficiently to market demands and necessary pivots.

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Strengthening Business Strategies

Our expertise in business strategy allows us to build robust plans that align business objectives with market realities. By developing personalized business strategies, we help your business position itself optimally, exploit new market opportunities and build a strong brand identity. This translates into sustained revenue growth and expansion of your customer base.

Culture of Innovation

UnderPressure encourages the nourishment of a culture of innovation within your company. By fostering an environment where new ideas are valued and experimentation is encouraged, we help your business stay ahead of the competition and adapt to rapid market changes. This culture of innovation leads to innovative products and services that captivate your customers and strengthen your value in the marketplace.

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Overall Valuation – Beyond the Numbers

At UnderPressure, our goal is to create significant value that goes beyond immediate financial gains. We are committed to enriching your human capital, improving your internal processes and maximizing your overall efficiency. This holistic approach ensures that your business not only grows, but thrives in a balanced and sustainable way – with an engaged team, smooth operations and a respected brand.

Start the Strategic Transformation of Your Business Today

Start your strategic business transformation today with UnderPressure. By choosing us as your partner, you pave the way to implement innovative marketing strategies and business solutions that promise to not only reshape the landscape of your business, but also position your brand for lasting success. Take the first step towards meaningful evolution and let us help you unlock your business' hidden potential for unprecedented growth and innovation.

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